Organizing committee

Maria Paola Cenevini

Maria Paola Canevini is a specialist in clinical neurology and epileptology. Full Professor in child Neuropsychiatry at the Department of Health Sciences,  Università degli Studi of Milan, Head of the Epilepsy Unit at San Paolo Hospital in Milan. Her current research is  on clinical epileptology with a special focus on genetic epilepsies.



Marco de Curtis

Marco de Curtis is Head of Pre-clinical Neuroscience Laboratories and Head of the Unit of Epilepsy and Experimental Neurophysiology, Fondazione Istituto Nazionale Neurologico “Carlo Besta”, Milano. He is a specialist in clinical neurology and epileptology and member of several Commissions of the International League Against Epilepsy. He is a leading scientist with a special focus on bridging the gap between basic and clinical research.



Premysl Jiruska

Premysl Jiruska is a Professor of Physiology and Pathophysiology and the Head of the Department of Physiology at the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. He is a Project Manager of Epilepsy Research Centre Prague. His current research is oriented on the mechanisms of epilepsies and seizures due to the malformations of cortical development and on the understanding of seizure dynamics.



Piotr Suffczynski

Professor Piotr Suffczynski is a physicist and neuroscientist working at the Faculty of Physics University of Warsaw. His research interests concern using computational models in studying mechanisms of epilepsy as well as to study brain signals observed through electroencephalography (EEG). By using computational models, he tries to integrate the results of epilepsy studies at different levels of neural organization.